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JULIA APPLETON is a multi-genre songwriter,

Pop-Country Artist and Songwriting Coach based in London, Ontario, Canada.


Born in Los Angeles and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, she has been writing and performing music of various genres since age 7. 


Passionate about collaborations, Julia's focus is

on coaching and co-writing with emerging artists across North America, especially New York and

Los Angeles.


She is active in the sync licensing industry and has even written a full-length musical, "The Yellow Wallpaper, the Musical," which has been showcased at theatres in the US and Canada.


In 2019, she was selected for the prestigious Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriter’s Project at Northwestern University where she learned from master teachers Andrew Lippa, Stephen Bray, Craig Carnelia, and Lindy Robbins.


She is currently working on her own artist project under a brand new name (TBA) and plans on releasing her first single in the Fall of 2021.



“I write songs because I love to tell stories. There are things you can convey through lyrics and melody that you can't otherwise; so what better way to communicate the deep things of life than by putting them down in a song!”

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